HMRC’s turnaround times for paying out claims reach pre-pandemic levels.

At the pandemic’s start in March 2020 HMRC immediately stepped up efforts to process and pay R&D claims quickly. Claims were paid out within 8 weeks.

This carried on until the Christmas period, but since 2021 HRMC have slowed down dramatically. Some claims have been over a year in the system to be processed by HMRC. Three major trends have contributed to this slow-down; COVID-19 illness amongst staff, also known as the “pingdemic”, a colossal build-up of holiday by staff members at HMRC that have been furloughed, and a lack of newly trained staff to work alongside existing personnel.

As a firm, we’ve been pushing hard for HMRC to do right by our clients. We’ve been pursuing claims – and have since received over 30 official letters of apology from tax inspectors at the Revenue.

Below is an excerpt from a letter of apology from HMRC.

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