Enquiry Support Service

Claiming for R&D tax relief should be seen as a vital part of any innovative company’s financial planning. The UK government is committed to supporting private enterprise and investment in R&D. At the same time, HMRC is keen that only claims that genuinely qualify are paid out. This means that if they suspect that a claim is incorrect, they may open an enquiry.

If you (or a client of yours) is facing an enquiry, QLC can support you in defending and resolving the enquiry on your behalf. We’ll take a considered view of each individual case, carry out a thorough analysis, and make sure your claim is not rejected due to a lack of experience or knowledge.

If you have previously had a claim rejected, but believe you qualify, we can also make sure that future claims are prepared in a more robust manner. We believe that the risks of an HMRC enquiry are mitigated if the claim is compiled more thoroughly in the first instance. This avoids potentially lengthy enquiries further down the road.

However, HMRC will sometimes open enquiries as part of a general compliance check, no matter how strong the original claim. So having an advisor steer you through what can be an intimidating process is vital.

With QLC’s enquiry service you will:

  • Be working with a company with a demonstrated history of success in resolving HMRC enquiries
  • Resolve your enquiry efficiently and with the best possible result
  • Have increased confidence in how to effectively claim for R&D tax relief

If you want to learn more about our enquiry support service:

Speak to the enquiery support team at 0208 062 6837.